This site may be a chest for you to find rare and unprecedented treasures.

Anarchist reading list


Alternative programs to improve privacy: Prism break

Correspondence seminar Exhaust

Summary of astronomy

Nolog security collective; hosts e.g. etherpad, an alternative to Google Docs

Something about math

Forum on learning languages

An astrolabe, but digitally (because it costs a lot to buy one)

Atlas transformation

Maybe useful... a little

List of human characteristics

Random anime girl generator (with warning)

Nice open source font

TeX samples

Other TeX shows

Dumb Or Overly Forced Astronomical Acronyms Site (or DOOFAAS)


Other people's personal pages

These are really random people, OK, some of them are my friends, but I refuse to elaborate.


Dan Slez\u00e1k:

Richard Stallman:

Harry Foundalis

Donald Knuth

Troy Henderson


Yeah, where are the times


Slightly interesting

Randomly generated mathematical papers

Text Repositories

Library Genesis: A Russian server with about 3M books, but mostly all scientific articles. I don't give an address because it changes all the time.

AAAARG: similar to libgen but different, read article. is a wiki on humanities authors and concepts, often with pdf texts in the sources... archive of texts of radical organizations, e.g. Black Panthers. is a database of texts from famous Marxists, but also a hub of basic concepts. are just all sorts of holy texts.