Naked algebra written!

Finally. The naked algebra is complete. Of course, there's still a lot to improve on, but we'll see how much time I have in the future.

Nothing ends, we move on

Over the holidays, I wanted to finish naked algebra. I managed to think of a lot of great topics to include in it, but I couldn't write it all down. I keep missing the concept... And it seems I'm going to have to rewrite what I have. But never mind, perhaps it's part of the creative process. You can check anyway, for feedback I'll be grateful, the text is here.

Oh, and I got dark mode working, too. He's using cookies and bugging out, but whatever.

Continued Alive Geometry

After a long time, I returned to writing mathematical texts. I started a sequel to Living Geometry: Naked Algebra. In this series of articles, I plan to focus on using differential calculus to solve more advanced problems. Including basic differential equations. I have already written the first four chapters.

Written instructions on Asymptote

I used the Asympote program extensively when I was writing OG, so I was delighted to write a guide on how you, too, can create vector images!

New Images to OG

It took a lot of work, but I built five new pictures to write about Reviving Geometry. Perhaps the text is more appealing now.

Supplement supplied

I've written an addendum to my text Reviving Geometry. All I have to do is make corrections, which I'm sure I'll be able to do in a few days, and I'll be able to address another topic.

Next article from OG finished

Wow, today I finished article6 of the series on differential calculus. I'm... tired. But it warms me to think that one need only add an addendum in which to derive a known derivative, and the work will already be done. But then what?

Zero Chapter

In a series of texts on differential calculus, I fed a special, zero-point article on the introduction to the whole issue and peppered it with an example of life from set theory. While I want the entire series to come to an end, I believe this article has a place in the series.

Derivative for the first time on stage

I added an article about estimates and calculators, in which I look at how to quickly calculate a number like $13,005^2. Besides everything else, this serves as an introduction to derivatives. So three cheers! :>

Article on quadratic functions

I've added an article on quadratic function, in which I look at restaurant pizza prices and the chances of us escaping the rain. We are already approaching the introduction of derivative 8^)

The world's first language article

I added an article about learning a foreign language. There are a few general ideas of mine that relate to the subject. It may be a bit of a provocative article, but hopefully it will get your imagination going ;^)

Finally, something about languages

I added an article about tips for learning languages. I've developed another, more general one about language learning overall. You have much to look forward to.

Archimedes integration

I added an article about calculating the content of the curves under the graph.

Pascal Triangle

I added an article about the Pascal Triangle and the sum of the first powers of natural numbers.

About content

Bugfixes were added. I'll try to add at least one article each week to supplement the contents of this so far quite empty site.

Site startup

The web is finally up! It works in mobile, tablet and desktop versions. You'll find a guide to LaTeX and to Gnuplot, with more articles sure to come. The translations of the site into other languages are far from complete; they will certainly be in the future.