Basic information

Hi, my name is Jindra Dušek. I set up this site to share my interests with random people and to make the Internet a little brighter. Perhaps you'll find something new here that will interest you

I'm interested in physics

I'm studied Physics at ETH Zürich. I held the position of Chief Expert Correspondent in the Correspondence Seminar Výfuk and have dealt with many Physics Correspondence Seminars myself in the past. It's always fascinated me that physicists can kind of predict the future. Not much, it turns out, but still worth trying.

I was a scout leader

I was the head of the Scout troop Prague Two, a troop with more than a century of tradition, led for over 60 years by the renowned writer Jaroslav Foglar.

I'm interested in linguistics

I'm fluent in English and German and I'm learning French. I am interested in how people learn languages, as well as how language affects thought and society.

I care about computers and technology

I use Linux because I care about being able to do whatever I want with my computer with a minimal amount of mysteriously nonfunctional stuff. Besides Linux, my time-saving text editor is vim in combination with LaTeX Gnuplot and other programs.

What do you find on this page?

The website you're looking at right now I wrote it all from scratch myself (with advice from my friends). You'll find articles and instructions on my interests, but also other things. More information is available in the About section.